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Due to unforeseen staff shortages, our cafe will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays until further notice. We do hope this will be for the short term. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Tours will still run 7 days a week and tickets are available online.

Please check for any updates on our Facebook page –The Old Beechworth Gaol – many thanks.

Welcome to the Old Beechworth Gaol

The Old Beechworth Gaol is one of Australia’s most significant post-European cultural sites. Its role in the chain of events that led to the execution of Ned Kelly is significant as it housed Ned’s mother, Ellen Kelly, many of the Kelly sympathisers and Ned himself, alongside his brother Dan and the rest of the Kelly gang.

The Old Beechworth Gaol is more than just the Ned Kelly story with many other characters spending time behind bars, and more than a few characters who helped keep them there.

Local Asset Ownership

In 2016 the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) led a consortium of 20 local families and philanthropic organisations in a local buy-back of the Old Beechworth Gaol after a failed private development.

The site was purchased with a vision to create a vibrant precinct for the social, cultural and economic benefit of the region and a centre of excellence to inspire rural communities across Australia.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Old Gaol is being transformed, with business, community and cultural activity.

  • 22 New Jobs
  • 45,000 Visitors – Gaol Tours
  • 35 Coworkers
  • 11 Commercial Leases
  • 15 Community Festivals
  • 10,000+ Attendees – Cultural Events

What’s happening at the Old Beechworth Gaol?

Breakout Coworking

Breakout provides an interactive work environment for freelancers, small firms, home-based businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to work in a connected and flexible environment at one of Australia’s most iconic and historical buildings.

Providing a productive, flexible and fun environment. Breakout is a place to share knowledge, collaborate and support new ideas in a ‘community within a community’.

Breakout has the potential to support and accelerate innovative start-up businesses through introductions, networking and mentorships. One of the key aspects of coworking at The Old Beechworth Gaol is to support young people with ideas.
Research has shown that coworking spaces with a consistent theme work best and ours here is supporting young rural entrepreneurs.

With different membership options and no lock in contracts or long leases you can use your hourly allowance throughout the month how it best suits you.

For more information or to book a tour visit the website – Breakout Coworking

Old Gaol Café Courtyard
Guided Tours

Old Beechworth Gaol Tours Update

Please check for any updates on tours on our Facebook page –The Old Beechworth Gaol – many thanks.

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For the safety of all guests, no dogs please.

Breakout Accelerator

The Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) and SecondMuse, a global innovation agency, developed the Breakout Accelerator as a dedicated program for rural innovators.

It’s a new way of connecting rural creativity and drive with the power and reach of international networks, experience and expertise.

Through the Breakout Accelerator, a new generation of rural businesses will be coached, mentored and connected to national and global networks to drive their ideas forward whilst staying in the communities they love.

For more information check out the website – Breakout Accelerator


Old Beechworth Gaol Cafe

Old Beechworth Gaol Café

The Old Beechworth Gaol Café is open. There is plenty of shady space to spread out so please come and enjoy the grassed area at the front of the Gaol.

The café is serving delicious locally roasted Sixpence Coffee and we offer locally made cookies and slices.

Open daily 9 am to 2 pm.

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